Team Coaching

I will show you how to inspire & develop your team. Each workshop will be custom-built and supported with sophisticated psychometric data from Facet5. You will get to know each other better and find new insights to strengthen your team effectiveness and collaboration.


Team LineDance

No, we won’t be dancing.

Do you know your team members’ superpowers, blind spots, what motivates and demotivates them? Do you know how they best contribute to the team’s success and what tasks are best left for others? How to use each person’s strengths and avoid their blind spots throughout a project’s lifecycle? There will be rich data and insights gained in this fun & engaging workshop.

Reaching agreements and settling conflicts.

No, we won’t be fighting.

There is no relationship without conflict. And, there is no team without a conflict. Explore your individual and collective conflict resolution styles and learn to reach team agreements more effectively. You will laugh and be in awe of the diversity available in your team. Most importantly, you will learn about each other and the topic of conflict resolution that FORBES called the superpower of the 21st century.

Conversation Superhero

Yes, we’ll shine a light on your team's conversations.

Leadership, sales, negotiations, delegating and feedback – all of this is based on conversations. Conversations are the currency of relationships. In this captivating workshop series, you’ll learn about your own conversation style and how to improve it so that you understand and decode what people around you are messaging, get across your point with confidence and just the right amount of control and flow. You’ll learn about the conversation style of your colleagues and what that means for your team effectiveness.

Calibrate Your Team

Yes, we’ll energize the team and it’s leader.

This powerful workshop facilitates a quick yet impactful reflection on and comparison between the team’s understanding of its goals, challenges and resources and those of the manager. We’ll unearth potential concerns or roadblocks and put them on the table for the team discuss in an open and safe setting. We’ll zero in on what works and potentially does not work well in the team. Best of all, there will be plenty of opportunities for the team and manager to provide feedback and input to each other. You’ll leave with specific actions steps to increase team collaboration and communication.



Inspire and develop your team

This will not be another cookie-cutter team building that makes you yawn. I will guide you through the path of inspiration, conflict resolution and authentic team growth.