Petra, but my door is always open for them…” Managers tell me when I ask them what they do to get feedback from their people. An open door is a nice metaphor, but it rarely works in real life.

  • You won’t find a door anymore. We live in a world of open, virtual and hybrid workplaces. It’s hard to knock on a virtual door.
  • Very few people have the courage and assertiveness to give feedback to their boss.  Get used to it. That’s just how it is.
  • If you don’t ask for feedback yourself often, you won’t find out how your people perceive you, team goals, priorities, obstacles and what they need from you.

That’s why one of my favorite workshops is Team Calibration, during which I facilitate asking questions and giving feedback between the team and the manager.

Team Calibration was originally developed by the US Army for super fast alignment between the troops and army leadership. Its modified version is used by companies such as Amazon, Citigroup, Ford Motor Co., GE, J.P. Morgan Chase and Zurich Re.

Bonus: we will not only learn a lot about ourselves, but also laugh together.

What exactly is team calibration and who is it intended for? Find out more here.