I know you are tired of controlling, pushing and constantly telling people what to do.

I know you’re burning out, feeling like a micromanager or a general in a battle.

I know it’s not working for you.

I know you want more trust and respect from your team.

I know you want your people to be more independent and resourceful.

But you don’t know HOW.

This has been my mission over the past year.

Distilling my experience working with hundreds of leaders in EMEA and Canada into a program I called:

Leader as Coach

Step-by-step, I’ll teach you the best from the world of professional coaching to work with people without micromanaging, feeling frustrated about always holding their hand and tired of being the one to manage it all.

You’ll get more:

✅ Trust and respect – become a leader who attracts people to his/her team

✅ Time – as your team will be more resourceful and independent

✅ Reputation – become known as a leader who can inspire & grow people