“Petra, today I need to deal with my time management. It’s awful.” She said and smiled. Successful, at the peak of her career, with nine people reporting to her, national scope.

I smiled back and asked what I ask when successful people bring time management to coaching.

“You have accomplished so much. You can always do everything. How is it that you want to deal with time management today?”

  • How did you find time for things before and how is it different now?
  • How have you handled all your priorities so far and what is standing in your way right now?
  • If I gave your day 1 extra hour – what would you do with it?
  • If I gave you a magic wand and you suddenly had time for everything – what would you do first?
  • Let’s say it is December 31st and you are looking back with satisfaction – what did you devote more and what less time to compared to what you are doing today?

Sometimes it’s not about time management at all, and that’s okay.

I will be happy to help you with that.

How would we go about it? Check out 1:1 coaching.