1:1 coaching

I’ve helped hundreds of leaders in Canada and Europe untangle various work-related dilemmas and challenges. I will gladly help you as well with these and other situations.

Common dilemas

I’ve received feedback that I sometimes engage in behavior that is detrimental to my career.

I am a new managing partner and need to build credibility with the board.

I need to set up communication differently with my boss.

I need to build trust and respect with my team.

I am close to a burnout. For the second time. How do I change it?

I was yet again declined for promotion and feel stuck in my career.

I want to come across more confidently - with clients and others I am presenting to.

They want to promote me. I'm not sure I'm ready for people management (or if I'll enjoy it).

I know it’s time to make a career change, yet I can’t make that final step.

I have a bad habit at work, and I want to change it.

I need more discipline in certain areas to improve my performance.

Do I stay corporate or strike on my own?



Let’s talk
reserve your complimentary consultation to get to know each other here. I’ll propose a coaching plan and possibly other tools to help you move forward.
for an individual coaching session, or 3 to 6 coaching plan, based on your topic and time capacity.
we’ll be meeting in person, online or possibly both. We’ll set the frequency of our sessions based on your preferences.